Mary Banas,
Design Education

An ongoing record of teaching & related activities, 2007–now.

Virtual Critic, Boston University

MFA, Graduate Studio
Fall 2020
Boston University 
Chair: Nick Rock
Critics: Yael Ort-Dinoor, Kristen Malia, Mary Banas
Students: Ari Epstein, Yike Chen, Claire Bula, Byori Hwang
I was the external critic for final review conversations on December 10th at 12pm-2pm EST for four candidates in MFA graphic design.

Virtual Critic,
University of Utah

December 2020
University of Utah
Course: “Identity Systems & Brand”
Professor: Zak Jensen
Senior graphic design students created identity systems, and I was a guest for their final critique. “Each student was asked to create a brand identity for something of their choosing—anything, real or not, that doesn't already have a brand identity. They had two weeks to think, research and develop a brief—what is the thing, how's it unique, who's the audience, what are the goals of the identity? Followed by a few weeks of design and guidelines development. The final product was in the form of guidelines, including example applications of the identity.” — Zak

Virtual Critic, Kansas City Art Institute

Fall 2020
Kansas City Art Institute
Course: “Design Systems”
Professor: Lisa Maione

Students: Jesslyn, Haley, Katherine, Sherry, Fiona, Katie, Ipek, Rylie, Drake, Josh, Krystina, and Anthony

Oct 26 12:15p–2:50p CST
An in-progress crit for senior-level undergrad students in “Design Systems” 

“Each student has been working on a proposal for a set of components to support a design system. The way each student has taken this prompt varies from student to student. Each student should have a set of slides to share their idea and process so far, with some progress/options of design directions for their project.” — Lisa

Virtual Advisor, Boston University

Fall 2019
2nd Year Graduate Studio, “Revelation Through Inquiry”

Chair & Professor: Nick Rock

Advised students for four sessions:
Baylee Kimbar
(Sophie) Shuofei Li
(Kim) Jiaqin Lian
Julian Parikh
Mariana Ramirez

Week of September 23
Week of October 7
Week of October 28
Week of November 18
I acted as an advisor to a group of students on a five part "forms of inquiry" sequence as part of Nick Rock’s process for thesis development. Students were asked to “deeply explore and develop a body of research around who they are as designers and subsequently their ideas for their thesis work. They will do this from 5 specific points of view.” 

At the culmination of this, students prepare and deliver a presentation of their inquiry.


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Currently teaching at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California. 

Mary Banas has taught graphic design since 2009, notably as Visiting Assistant Professor in Residence at the University of Connecticut, Rhode Island School of Design, University of Bridgeport, and California College of the Arts.

She has led design workshops for the Center for Creative Solutions (Vermont), Dolby Labs (San Francisco), OTIS College of Art and Design (Los Angeles), the Berkeley Art Museum + Pacific Film Archive (Berkeley) and Cranbrook Academy of Art (Michigan). She has been a visiting critic at MICA, Pratt Institute, and San Jose State University.

Mary has been invited to talk about her creative practice at California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, CA), Cranbrook Academy of Art (Michigan), and University of Georgia (GA). 

Mary develops conceptual and informed designs for brands, institutions, and artists with her independent creative practice YES IS MORE.

Rhode Island School of Design
MFA Graphic Design, with Honors
May 2009

University of Connecticut
BFA Communication Design
May 2003

Original photo: Hunter Kelly. Image manipulation: Derrick Schultz